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  • Keaton McCalip


Thoughts After Riding in Gear

It’s been about a month since I’ve been in the @ufoplastusa gear and man I have to say I am super impressed. There’s a ton of options when it comes to riding gear and each one fits/wears a little different, the “riding comfort” I feel in this gear is super good, and doesn’t restrict me due to its “non hugging design”. (That’s what I’m gonna call it) Probably the thing I am the most picky about on gear is gloves, I can’t stand a glove that doesn’t fit right. These Ufo gloves have the perfect thickness and the strap is solid yet not too tight around the wrist, the strap is longer than a normal glove and it makes it a very secure fit that I’ve never felt from another strapped glove. It’s very hard to find a set of gear that is comfortable AND durable and Ufo hit the nail on the head for me making a set of gear that functions as well as it looks.

Pick up a set today at

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